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Yoga for Everyone

What does Yoga mean for me? A time to reconnect with yourself. With your breath. 

Take some time for yourself, move and breath. Clear your mind.

Anik Patenaude (owner of Tree of Life Yoga and certified 200 hours Registered Yoga Teacher in Hatha, Yin, Yoga for All and Restorative Yoga through the Yoga Alliance) will guide you through a Yoga practice made to unite your breath to your movement. 

Move from one asana (pose) to another, while coming back to your breath, intention and energy.

Yoga classes are accessible to all levels and ages.

Studio classes, outdoor classes and private/group classes.

Breathe in. Let go. Find your space.

Private or group classes

Private or group classes available in English and French: 

Slow Flow Yoga

Morning Yoga

Yang/Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

Power Yoga

Hot Yoga

Youth Yoga

Family Yoga

Weekly Schedule


10am Morning Yoga 

(Evo Studio, Orleans)

6:45pm Youth Yoga (8 week session)

September 10 to November 5 (no class on October 8) 

(Pierre Rocque Community Centre, Orleans)


930am Yin (warm) (Evo Studio, Orleans)

630pm French Hatha (7 week session)

September 11 to October 23

(Centre de santé Optimale, Rockland) 

745pm Yin (7 week session)

September 11 to October 23

(Centre de santé Optimale, Rockland)   


3:15pm Gentle Yoga (12 week session)

September 12 to December 12 (no classes on October 10 and November 21)

(Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre, Orleans)

6pm Yang/Yin (warm)

(Evo Studio, Orleans)

7:30pm Adult Yoga (8 week session)

September 12 to November 7 (no class on October 31)

(Pierre Rocque Community Centre, Orleans)


630pm Slow Flow

 (Evo Studio, Orleans)

745pm Evo Strong

 (Evo Studio, Orleans)


2:00pm Gentle Yoga (12 week session)

September 14 to December 21 (no classes on October 5 and 12 and November 23)

(Carlsbad Community Centre, Carlsbad Springs)


October 27 - 11am Kids Yoga (Moksha, Orleans)

October 27 - 12pm GlowYoga Family Yoga (Evo Studio, Orleans)

November 10 - 10am Kids Yoga (Moksha, Orleans)

November 10 - 12pm Family Yoga (Evo Studio, Orleans)

November 17 - 1pm Family Yoga (Rama Lotus, Ottawa) 


October 21 - 1pm Family Yoga (Rama Lotus, Ottawa)

Special classes

Restorative Yoga Workshop

Saturday, October 20


Evo Studio

Restore your body and mind!

Experience 2 hours of Restorative Yoga.

Slow down your pace and disconnect from daily life.
Reconnect with your breath.
Clear your mind.
Restore your body.

Using supportive props in longer held poses, allow your body, mind and nervous system to fully restore themselves.

Restorative Yoga has been shown to:
- quiet your mind
- come to stillness in the present moment.
- balance your nervous system
- reduce anxious “fight or flight” response.
- reduce cortisol level —of which high levels are linked to increased abdominal fat.

Reclined restorative poses are held longer, allowing space for mindfullness and reconnection with oneself.

GlowYoga Family Yoga

Saturday, October 27


Evo Studio, Orleans

This Family Yoga class is a special Glow in the Dark Yoga! 

Glowsport will be setting up special lights and providing neon shirts and body paint for the event. 

Ages 5-12

Contact us.

Tree of Life Yoga


613-883-YOGA (9642)